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Martial Insights is my childhood dream that’s coming to you in many ways. You can look at Martial Insights like a Martial Arts Magazine that’s 100% online. It is designed to give ‘insight into life through martial arts’ and that’s our mission. To provide you with information that’s deep about training, lifestyle and ultimately the 3 key elements of being whole:

‘Mind, body and spirit’

Life is more than just fighting and self-defence! Martial Insights is about creating harmony in your life through your martial art. It’s about becoming a better person in the process and having good balance in your life.

At Martial Insights there is no topic we will leave unturned. We’ll explore the mind in all aspects, even with regards to improving your thoughts to get you closer to your goals. We’ll look at training and all the physical stuff, including how to fuel yourself, what to eat and how to move your body for best practice. And then we’ll delve into topics of spirit to go into areas that can give you principles of peace and overall well-being.

Ultimately this place is for those of you who want to evolve and expand. You may not agree with everything, but we definately provide you with food for thought.

As my mentor Bruce Lee has been known to say:

‘Take what you need and discard what is not useful’.

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