NFT stands for non-fungible token. Simply put, it is a digital token that exists on the blockchain to record proof of ownership for the person holding it. Each token is completely unique because it has its own unique metadata which can never be replicated or replaced for another.

At Martial Insights we have our own unique set of NFTs that give you access into our community. Not only will you own a beautiful and rare NFT, but you’ll be one of few Master Members.

By being a Master Member, you’ll be one of the few people who get access to everything we produce forever. While everyone else will have to pay, your investment is into your future which guarantees it’s all yours without any further fees.

They Call Me Bruce: In Development

This collection is our first and one that we’ll forever love. It’s a unique set of NFTs with a max 1033 available, all with different variations and rarities.

They Call Me Bruce is a gateway to Martial Insights. When you invest in this unique and special NFT you gain access to a lifetime of information as a Master Member. That means you’ll never pay for anything we provide, including:

  • Online curriculums
  • Online training
  • Discounts and offers
  • Access to tons of resources to make you a better martial artist

Proceeds of NFT sales goes to:

  • 50% goes to our development so that we can build Martial Insights as the world’s greatest Metaverse.
  • 25% goes to The Bruce Lee Foundation charity
  • 10% goes to True Manilla charity
  • 15% goes towards Homeless Australia charity